Prerequisites:  18 years old, high school or GED

This is an entry level course into emergency medical care.  It will prepare students for the National Registry and Texas State Certification as an Emergency Care Attendant/First Responder.  This course is also referred to as an ECA.  A CPR card for health care provider is required and this training is included in the course.  The course also provides the skills and equipment training necessary to maintain basic life support for sick or injured patients.  Individuals who deal with groups of people on a daily basis, such as day care employees, teachers, lifeguards, firefighters, police, etc... would also find this course useful.  Upon successful completion of the course, students are eligible to test with the National Registry for certification as a First Responder (ECA).  Currently certified participants may use the 56 training hours for on-going continuing education for ECA, EMT or Paramedic recertification.  Emphasis is on requirements of national and state accrediting agencies.

Note:  Textbook required

Fee:  $630

CEU:  5.6

HRS:  56

Spring 2015 Class Info

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