Mission Statement & Policies

The Student Success Centers aim to empower San Jacinto College students to achieve their academic goals by offering tutoring services that facilitate learning and increase student skills and confidence. We strive to provide all students with the opportunity to succeed by hiring and training well-qualified peer tutors and by providing a supportive and inclusive environment.


  • To contribute to the success and degree completion of students (Student Success)
  • To maintain a positive and professional environment for learning (Diversity, Community)
  • To hire, train, and retain qualified students as tutors (Accountability, Excellence)
  • To be a vital extension of and partner with academic departments (Collaboration)
  • To develop and share expertise with district-wide constituents (Collaboration, Community)

The Student Success Centers double as a home away from home where students come whether they need a tutor or whether they simply want to sit among people they know as they work on course assignments.

  •  All students must sign in and out.
  • Students are required to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner conducive to student learning.
  • Horseplay and loud talking are not allowed in the center.
  • Materials and computers may only be used for academic purposes.
  • Reference material and other resources are property of the center. Students must check out the resource before using it and may not removie it from the center. (Driver's License or Student ID is required)
  • Eating and drinking is prohibited around computer equipment.
  • Cell phones must be silenced and used outside the center only.
  • All tutoring sessions must occur within the Student Success Center unless approved by the Director.

All visitors to the Student Success Center are expected to treat the staff and other students with respect and consideration. Everyone who follows these policies is welcome.

Students should

  • Initiate tutoring several days prior to assignment due date
  • Bring all materials (including assignment instructions)
  • Ask questions, listen to suggestions, and take notes
  • Follow-up after making revisions


Tutors WILL

  • Review the assignment instructions
  • Work with you to improve your writing ability
  • NOT edit your paper- the tutors will instead discuss areas of concern and help you to become a better writer
  • Discuss pre-writing, organization, & revision strategies
  • Help with citation questions
  • Explain how to use resources
  • focus on 1-2 page portions of the paper where you feel you need the most help